Al'Bhed Female

The Al'Bhed are a near-human race of technologists that, while they have a home of their own, spend many years of their lives as sort of 'galactic gyspies', exploring the universe in search of new technology.

Only two physical things really distinguish Al'Bhed from humans. The first being the blond-orange hair that all Al'Bhed possess. Al'Bhed hair grows almost six times faster than human hair. The second, is unique swirled pupils and brilliant green eyes.

Most Al'Bhed are very expressive about their emotions, and generally have very child-like, carefree personalities.

Al'Bhed typically do not find much interest in religion but have vast interest in building and repairing machines.

The Al'Bhed are associated with the United Galactic Alliance, though some have found homes in the Human Federation.


  • +1 Intelligence, +1 Dexterity, -1 Wisdom
  • Machina: Character gains +2 to all craft and repair checks. Al'Bhed Technosavants gain one additional class feat at character creation.
  • Al'Bhed Language: Al'Bhed have a very old, complicated language that even most universal translators can't fully understand. Al'Bhed gain +2 to Charisma checks when dealing with other Al'Bhed

Racial FeatsEdit