Aquatic Elf

Aquatic Elf

Aquatic Elves primarily call the seas of Toril home, but are quite capable of boarding a space ship. While they prefer to remain submerged in water, they can stay out in the open, dry air for long periods of time. They are the same size and general shape of any other elf, but their skin has a natural blue pigment to it, and the space between their fingers and toes are webbed.

They are affiliated with the United Galactic Alliance.


  • Amphibious: Can survive indefinitely underwater, and can venture onto dry-land for up to two days without needing to submerge themselves in water. After that time, Aquatic Elves start to 'dry up' and suffer -2 CON until an adequate body of water can be found.
  • +2 CON
  • +10 to Swim Checks

Racial FeatsEdit