Asgardians are a race of old Earth gods who are no longer worshipped and no longer seek to be worshipped - a normal life of adventure is all that the race of pseudo-gods really desire now.

Despite their mostly human appearance, all Asgardians possess physical attributes that operate on superhuman levels. All Asgardians possess some degree of superhuman strength and superhuman durability. Asgardians are not true immortals, and do age, but very slowly - some living over a century.

Each Asgardian needs, and is allocated, a golden apple grown by Yggdrasil and tended by Idunn. Keeping their apple nearby is essential for an Asgardian to maintain his or her physical vitality and relative immortality.

All Asgardians know of a portal to Asgard, their home, on Earth.

Though mostly affiliated with the Human Federation, a few Asgardians have found their way working with the United Galactic Alliance.


  • Golden Apple Bond: An Asgardian's power and vitality is maintained through a close bond in a golden apple from the Tree of Life (Yggdrasil). If they lose their apple, than the Asgardian becomes human until they are able to reclaim another.
  • +4 STR, +2 CON
  • +2 AC
  • Immune To Disease
  • True Asgardian Transformation: Occasionally, if the need is great, ancient energies may align themselves with an Asgardian - giving them incredible power. Character gains +4 STR, +4 DEX, +4 CON, Damage Reduction 8/-, Regeneration 1hp/round, +4 Attack Bonus and +4 to AC. Character gains SN Strength 3 and SN Constitution 2. Character also gains Flight (120ft/rd, Average Maneuverability), emits an aura of bright light (60' area) and the ability to fire blasts of magical energy (2d4+1 damage, 100 meters range) This transformation can only occur at the DM's discretion and can end whenever the DM chooses.

Racial FeatsEdit

Asgardian Weapon: Asgardians can choose a favored weapon, crafted in Asgard, with which they are quite formidable. The character can choose an item from the following list:

  • Dagger (1d8+2, Piercing)
  • Sword (2d6+2, Slashing)
  • Spear (2d8+2, Piercing)
  • Hammer (2d6+2, Blunt)
  • Mace (2d6+2, Blunt)
  • Chain (3d4+2, Slashing)
  • Shield (1d8+2, +2 AC, Blunt or Slashing).

The charcter starts with the weapon chosen, and it is considered a magic item. When fighting with the weapon, the Asgardian gains +2 to STR and BaB. Only Asgardians can wield these weapons. This must be taken at character creation.