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Benders must choose one of the four elements.

Benders are people who have mastered the art of elemental manipulation - called "bending." There are four main elemental arts - Fire, Water, Earth and Air.

A Bender can only master one elemental art.

Benders have main ability scores - the first is wisdom and the second depends on the Bender's chosen art.


  • The Bender must choose which Elemental Bending Art that they wish to follow.
    • Earth: The secondary ability score is Constitution.
    • Fire: The secondary ability score is Strength.
    • Air: The secondary ability score is Dexterity.
    • Water: The secondary ability score is Charisma.
  • Benders start with the Master of Forms feat or the Master of Weapon Forms feat.
  • Benders have an innate awareness of their element - be it occurring naturally or being manipulated.

Class FeatsEdit

Bender feats vary with what art the character has specialized in. They may be found on the Bending Arts page.

Avatar Potential: Your character has potential to be an Avatar of all the Benders of their race. An Avatar is able to use all four elements and can grow to become incredibly powerful. DM's discretion on how it will be revealed if the character is an Avatar or not. This feat must be taken to even be considered. Must be taken at Character Creation. Only one Avatar of a race can exist at any given time.