Blood Elf

Blood Elf

Blood Elves appear much like High Elves, only they have paler skin with a red tint. They commonly have a lot of tattoos.

Blood Elves rarely interact with other races, instead keeping only to their enclaves in order to best study their craft of choice - mostly magic.

Upon the rise of the Drow within the Black Horde, they formed a loose alliance with them and are now considered affiliated with the Black Horde


  • +2 INT, -1 STR
  • Adept Spellcasters: Able to cast spells as though they used 2 more ability points than they did.
  • Darkvision 60'

Racial FeatsEdit

Mana Tap

Blood elves are able to drain active arcane energies and use them to sustain themselves.

Prerequisite: Blood Elf

Benefit: Upon seeing an incoming arcane spell, Blood Elves may use this ability (1/day), to absorb its energy to heal themselves (caster-leveld4). Upon doing this, it also sustains the blood elf as though they had just eaten a good meal. If the arcane-user that casts the spell is particularly powerful, the Blood Elf may be unable to absorb the magic and end up being injured.

Special: This feat may be taken multiple times, increasing its use per day by +1