Czarnian Outlaw

Czarnians are taller than the average human - 6'6-7'6 tall. They have pale skin, and their face is trademarked by black birthmarks. Each Czarnian has their own facial design. The Czarnian body itself is bulkier than most human's and accounts for their superior strength. Most Czarnians have black hair and red-colored eyes.

They are a relatively peaceful and intelligent race with a history very similar to that of Earth's. They evolved from lesser animals, formed tribes, territories, than countries. They warred and had peace with one another, all the while advancing and pushing towards space. During their first attempt at colonization on a moon in their system, they were infected with a virus that unfortunately spread back to their homeworld.

They encountered the UGA shortly after establishing that colony, and the Alliance was quick to assist them in developing a medicine and quarantine procedures, but not before 70% of the Czarnian population had died.

While most of the race is peaceful, the more aggressive Czarnians are incredibly dangerous and very often make lives as space pirates, bounty hunters or other kinds of outlaws. Their supernatural strength and durability make them a threat to even the most skilled of warriors.

Czarnians are a part of the United Galactic Alliance.


  • +3 Strength, +3 Constitution, +2 Dex, -2 Charisma
  • SN Strength 2, SN Constitution 1
  • Czarnians can survive in a vacuum indefinitely.

Racial FeatsEdit

Enhanced Abilities: The character gains one of the following: SN Strength +1, SN Dexterity +1 or SN Constitution +1. This feat may only be taken once. Requires character level 3.