Daywalker Martial Artist

Daywalkers are a rare race to encounter, and can only be described as 'Half-Vampire.' They occur when a pregnant woman is bitten and turned during the last days of their pregnancy (or even while they are giving birth).

They have some of the vampire's strengths, but also one of their more significant "weaknesses" - the thirst for blood.

They are a mixed group and are rarely seen together. Some like the vampire blood that courses through their veins and others despise it.

Special Edit

  • Template: This is a template race and is added to a base race.
  • +2 Strength
  • Vampirism: Since the vampire condition is a trait, the player picks this and another race to act as the host race to which they add the vampire stats to in addition to the host race's own.
  • Immune to vampire supernatural abilities (hypnosis, being turned etc). Daywalkers, as their name implies, can walk in sunlight.
  • Bloodlust: A daywalker must injest at least a pint of blood every three days, or suffer berserker insanity. If blood is not received during the rage (which can last up for 4 hours) the daywalker will die.

Racial FeatsEdit