Defel in lightly-lit bar

The Defel (colloquially known as Wraiths) are barely visible beings who appear to most other species as shadows, re-enforcing the misconception that they are chameleon-like beings or "living shadows".

Defel are short, stocky beings, averaging 1.3 meters tall and nearly as wide.

Defel are from a large, high-gravity, seldom-visited world orbiting an ultraviolet supergiant. Since the planet had no ozone layer, ultraviolet light passes freely to the surface, while other light wavelengths are mostly blocked by the heavy gases in the planet's atmosphere. Thus, all lifeforms on Af'El are able to see in ultraviolet light ranges, but are blinded by all but the dimmest light in other wavelengths. This is why Defels normally wear a visor when they leave their homeworld. Compared to other species, they are able to see exceptionally well in the dark.

Though they were nearly invisible in normal light, Defel were actually colorful beings - viewed under ultraviolet light (with colors ranging from orange to blue).

Defel are a split race, having part in the United Galactic Alliance and the Black Horde.


  • +2 DEX, +1 WIS, -1 CHA
  • Invisibility: Defels absorb all light wavelengths except ultraviolet. In effect, they appear as patches of darkness, much like shadows; in areas of low light, they are effectively invisible. Unless the creature is under direct normal sunlight (or the artificial equivalent), the Defel gains a +2 Circumstance bonus to attacks, and its target loses all Dex bonuses to AC. At the same time, attacks against a Defel in these circumstances confer a 50% miss chance. Under especially low-light conditions, the attacker must guess where the Defel actually is as well.
  • Unless the Defel has eye protection, they suffer -4 to BaB while in any kind of normal (non-ultraviolet) light.

Racial FeatsEdit