Eidelon Male

While most of the Eidelon race disappeared mysteriously into time, there are a few small temples and colonies hidden throughout the galaxy.

The Eidelons are a race of pacisifists, and have long been respected as mediators and negotiators between the many races of the Universe.

Eidelons are humanoid, though slightly shorter than most Humans. Their face is marked by a pattern of dark lines. These are not veins, tattoos or birthmarks but rather a special gland that can be opened and closed at will.

When opened, this gland emits a kind of energy that calms all around them, making negotiation over heated subjects much easier.

The Eidelon that remain in the galaxy prefer to keep neutral, and avoid affiliating themselves with one faction or the other.


  • +1 Charisma, +1 Wisdom
  • Eidelon2

    Eidelon with open gland.

    Eidelon Gland
    : This gland can be opened at will, and creates a calming aura that surrounds the user (30"). All individuals in the aura suffer -4 to BaB and have an overwhelming urge to calm down (Will Save vs 17+Eidelon level).
  • Pacifist: All Eidelons are pacifists and suffer -5 to all attack rolls.

Racial FeatsEdit

Extended Gland Range: The aura the character's gland emits is extended by 10". This feat can be taken many times.

Peacekeeper Guard: Some Eidelons still use Peacekeepers as guardians. The character starts with two Sebacean Level 1 bodyguards. They begin with one Falcon 45 and one set of Leather Body Armor each. This feat must be taken at Character Creation.