Erik Leathers

Erik Leathers

Erik Leathers is only 25 years old, but has already lived quite a dangerous life. A Pokemon trainer, at sixteen, he acquired a capture gauntlet from a "friend" and quickly after that, captured his first Pokemon.

He moved from Caprica to Courscant and soon thereafter found himself in exciting, but highly illegal Pokemon battle rings. He did incredibly well as a participant.

Greed inspired him to make his own Pokemon battle rings in various locales in the Courscant undercity. He captured his second Pokemon while searching out new, hidden areas in the massive city planet.

He was successful at running these rings for a couple of months, and made a great deal of money from the bets that people made at the fights. He thought he had it all figured out until one night a UGA armored police division raided his primary ring. There was a great deal of chaos, and Leathers found himself trapped with no where to go - the bouncers he hired had already been subdued and his "friends" had ran. So, Leathers fought.

He battled alongside his two Pokemon and managed to kill or severely injure twenty-five officers before he was taken down. His Pokemon were taken from him and he was sentenced to 75 years in a maximum security prison.

He was there for five before he was taken on by Captain Rick Nutron during his raid of the Reticuli Prison facility.

Erik Leathers himself will fight with whatever weapon he's given, though he is much more skilled with small ranged weapons more than anything else. He reaquired his capture gauntlet during his escape from prison and still has his two Pokemon:

  • "Kage" [Skia]: A dark-type Pokemon that Leathers captured on Caprica. It is formless - appearing as a shadow on the wall or a thick, black fog. When it wants to, it can move parts of itself together to form different shapes which allows it to sneak through tiny passages or even create its own natural weapons. Its greatest ability is its ability to produce fear.
  • "Smoke" [Krylo]: A flying/fire type Pokemon that Leathers captured on Courscant. It resembles a large, black bat. It has a wingspan of about five feet and larger-than-normal mouth. When in battle, it bursts into flames and can use dangerous fire attacks.