Ghostwise Halfling

Ghostwise Halfling Female

Ghostwise are a 'branch' of Strongheart Halfling that pushed further away from the known galaxy than any of the other halflings ever had. And than...they got lost. A handful of ships were lost in Wild Space for centuries before returning.

Their centuries of travel, relative isolation and many experiences through the universe had had its toll on their appearance. They appear paler than most other halflings, and smaller looking. Their eyes are almost always a pastel color. Besides physical appearance, Ghostwise have developed psionically far beyond their halfling cousins - all having the ability to communicate telepathically.

The Ghostwise Halflings are a relative new addition to the galaxy, reappearing shortly after the war that caused the downfall of the Black Horde. They have since been hunting for their own niche in society, mostly allying with the United Galactic Alliance.


  • +1 STR, +1 WIS, -1 CHA
  • Telepathic: Can communicate telepathically with those within 30 feet. This is a one-way communication.
  • +4 to Hide and Move Silently Checks

Racial FeatsEdit

Advanced Telepathy: Some Ghostwise Halflings can train themselves to increase the range of their telepathy. Character can telepathically communicate with anyone within visual range. Requires Wisdom 16.