Goblin Warrior

Goblins have been a part of the Black Horde since it's inception though rarely in a position of leadership. They are generally considered to be little more than disposable fodder.

They breed faster than rabbits and will always follow the strongest leader.

Goblins stand three to four feet tall and are usually pea green.


  • -2 STR, -2 CHA, +1 CON
  • Darkvision (60 feet)
  • Mad Charge: When making a charge, a goblin gains -4 AC and +8 to his attack roll

Racial FeatsEdit

Goblin Inbreeding: Years of indiscriminate goblin breeding have resulted in some odd mutations. Character gains -2 INT, -6 CHA, +4 CON, +2 STR. Must be taken at character creation. Horde Mentality: Attack rolls and saving throws get a +2 bonus in the presence of four goblins. This increases by +1 for each additional four goblins, to a maximum of +10 (not including the initial +2 bonus).

Just A Goblin: Some goblins are not to be underestimated. The character only suffers a -1 AC loss while using a Mad Charge. Goblin Sneakyness: Some goblins are particularly sneaky. Your character can use a sneak attack (+1d10 dmg) once per combat. Requires Dexterity 16.