Howler Warrior

Howlers were created by an evil, 'nearly-omnipotent' galactic entity as shock troops in a galaxy that it deemed "too peaceful and weak."

Howlers possess cracked black skin that resembles hardened lava; beneath the black, in the cracks and creases of the flesh, are bright, red lines. Humanoid in appearance, their bodies are split in two at the waist, and the two halves tethered together by elastic skin; this bearing allows them to turn their upper body all the way around and keep themselves in the fight permanently, even when thrown away.

They have large, expressionless, robin's-egg-blue eyes that have the ability to make out major organs within their prey. Their most fearsome weapon is the howl that gives them their name. The howl is modulated to affect the complex, intelligent brains of sentient beings, and will almost instantly disorient and cripple those who hear it. Howlers are very fast, extremely resilient and highly talented at combat.

Howlers are almost always associated with the Black Horde.


  • +2 DEX, +1 CON & STR, -2 WIS & INT
  • Immune to Fear
  • +2 to Base Attack Bonus
  • Howl: Can emit a high pitched shriek that can cause fear and confusion in others (DC 17 Will to resist). This ability can be used 2/day.

Racial FeatsEdit

Howling Potency: The Howler's scream increases in power as it grows more experienced. The character's howl increases in power, raising the Will save to resist +1 for each level of the Howler. Requires character level 3.