Changeling in their 1st form

While most intelligent beings know this race as its proper name, it is not uncommon to hear them refered to as "Changelings."

Icejins are a tailed reptilian-sapient race, known primarily for ruthlessness and transformations. They are members of the Black Horde, but most of the time, they operate apart from them - it varies whether this stems from racial arrogance or simple distrust.

When they do act in joint ventures with the Black Horde, they typically make up officer and other leadership positions.

Changelings have many transformations - most unknown even to each other. There are a set of transformations that are common amongst all Changelings though, each one greatly raising the user's power.


  • +1 Strength, +1 Dexterity, +1 Intelligence
  • Ki Control Feat: Ki-Blast (1d6/level,Requires 1 Con/blast), Flight (Good Maneuverability, Requires 1 Dex/minute)
  • Transformations
  • Extra Attack: Tail (1d6, Bludgeoning)

Racial FeatsEdit

Icejin Transformation: Your character has figured out how to transform. Your character may now transform (see Transformations ). Requires character level 3 or Wisdom 16.

Speed Transformation: Your character can transform much quicker than others.' It only takes your character six seconds to complete any transformation. Requires Icejin Transformation feat.

Fixed State: A form your character can take becomes their new 'original state.' Requires Icejin Transformation Feat, Speed Transformation and the character must be at least one level higher than the prerequisite for the transformation.

Fear Presence : The common merciless and dangerous reputation of the Changeling race precedes you. Beings around you must make a Will Save when in your presence (15+character level). If failed, they suffer -2 to BaB and -1 to all Will checks per round until you/they have left the area. Requires Charisma 15.

Personal Transformation: Your character has their own unique transformation. Your character may design their own transformation. It is up to the DM, however, to determine at what level this transformation may be used. This feat may be taken multiple times to create multiple transformations (please keep track of the details on your character sheet). Requires Icejin Transformation feat.