Lightfoot Halfling

Lightfoot Halfling

Lightfoot Halflings, the most common of all the halfling races, are typically 3-4 feet tall, but otherwise rather human looking. Their face tends to be a bit younger-looking than most human.

Lightfoot Halflings, in general, are content to stay out of trouble and avoid straight-on conflict whenever they can.

While they are not particularly valued for their skills in combat, they are quite adept at negotiation and using words rather than bullets. When the need is there, however, they can be quite stealthy and make fantastic scouts.

Lightfoot Halflings are a part of the United Galactic Alliance.


  • +2 DEX, +1 CHA -1 STR
  • +4 to Hide and Move Silently Checks
  • +2 to Ranged Attack Rolls involving throwing

Racial FeatsEdit