Lunite Human

Lunite humans, commonly referred to as Loonies and Lunatics behind their backs, are descendants of the humans who first colonized the Earth's moon. The experimental terraforming techniques used on Luna had unforeseen side effects, giving the colonists and their descendants extraordinary abilities at the cost of their sanity.

Lunar humans are typically characterized by pale complexions with dark marks on their eyelids, cheekbones, and lips, much like theater makeup, as well as violently colored eyes, usually purple or red. Travelers are advised to avoid them, as their instability and perverse sense of humor makes them fairly dangerous.

They are considered a part of the Human Federation, but rarely are seen outside of special communities.


  • -4 CHA, -2 WIS, +4 DEX
  • +1 to Saving Throws vs Fear Effects

Racial FeatsEdit

Unstable Acrobat

Able to leap off tall buildings in a single bound!

Prerequisite: Lunite Human, Cannot have Unnatural Flexibility feat

Benefit: Character gains +5 to Jump Checks in normal gravity and +10 to Jump Checks in low gravity situations. When attacked from a distance, the character gains a +1 dodge AC bonus.


A little madness never hurt you... everyone else, but not you.

Prerequisite: Lunite Human

Benefit: Opponents attempting to mentally/psionically manipulate a Lunite must perform a saving roll. If the roll fails, the opponent suffers 1d6 of damage for every two of the Lunite's levels and is stunned for 1-2 rounds.

Unnatural Flexibility

It's like trying to hit a cartoon character.

Prerequisite: Lunite Human, Cannot have Unstable Acrobat feat

Benefit: Character gains +5 bonus to Escape Artist checks. When in melee combat, the character gains a +1 dodge bonus to AC.