Lyle Davenwood

Lyle Davenwood is a Human man in his late 30s.

He is most well-known as a serial killer, infamous for targeting non-Humans living in Human Federation colonies. He claimed 31 victims before he was finally captured.

Before he began his life as a murderer, Davenwood lived on Mars as a surgical doctor of reasonable skill. He had also spent several years practicing Escrima in a community school. He taught himself the old style of Cloak & Dagger, mostly for theatrical effect.

He greatly prefers the use of knives in fights as opposed to guns or more advanced weapons.

It was never clear why he began targetting non-Humans. In person, Lyle Davenwood seems a friendly, helpful person. In the Davenwood Trial, he claimed that he was not racist and what he had done, he had not done because of race. He was unable to elaborate.

There have been four copy-cat killers following Lyle Davenport - two have been killed, one is in prison and the most recent is still at large.

He had spent the last six years in the Reticulli Maximum Security Prision - until he was freed by Captain Rick Nutron.