The reclusive lythari, known among other elves as 'Silver Shadows', are true lycanthropes: good-aligned wild elves able to take lupine form.

In wolf form, lythari are beautiful, with pale gray or silver fur and intelligent blue or brown eyes. A wolf-lythari leaves no impression of danger or ferocity, but rather seems friendly and companionable. An adult is the size of a small pony and might carry a man-sized ally if the need is great.

In the rare times they assume elf form, the lythari are beautiful and otherworldly, even for elves.

Though they do not have the great numbers that other elves claim, Lythari are known to be a part of the United Galactic Alliance.


  • +1 STR, -1 CHA
  • Wolf Transformation: Normal Grey Wolf, 1/day per level. Dire Wolf starting at level 9. They may revert to their humanoid form at will.

Racial FeatsEdit


Even in humanoid form, Lythari are able to communicate with their lupine brothers and sisters.

Prerequisite: Lythari

Benefit: Lythari are able to communicate with any wolf/lupine animal and are generally received well by them.