The Mage is a class that specializes in the use of arcane magic for offensive, defensive and enchantment purposes. As a Mage gains experience, they gain access to different kinds of magic and increase their overall ability.

The main ability score for a Mage is intelligence.


Magical Detection: Being attuned to the arcane, characters in the Mage Class have the ability to sense the workings of the arcane. This can be used to sense magical auras, enhancements upon items and occasionally, the power of incoming spells. This can be used to help the Mage counter incoming magics.

Counterspell: Mages can reserve a certain amount of ability points and use them to counter another spell, provided that the ability points saved have a high enough value to stop the target spell (typically DM's discretion). The counterspell will be a reverse of the target spell, and if it doesn't completely eliminate the spell, it can still weaken it.

Class FeatsEdit

Academy Trained: Your character has been trained by one of the Universe's Mage academies. Character gains one extra Magic feat. As part of one's payment to their Academy, they maybe required to assist the school in certain missions (dangerous ones, more often than not). This must be taken at character creation and can not be taken if the class feat 'Private Mentor' is taken.

Private Mentor: Your character has been trained by a private mentor. All spells the character casts are treated as if one extra ability point was used to cast them. This must be taken at character creation and can not be taken if the class feat 'Academy Trained' is taken.

Enhanced Magic: Character can add a +1 enhancement bonus to any of their previously chosen Magic Disciplines (IE: Fire, Paper, Blood etc). Whenever that Discipline is used, it is considered to have +1 additional ability point bonus. This does not cost the caster anything. This feat may be taken multiple times and can stack.

Channeling: The character has the ability to channel spells through items that the character is holding. Some items (magical or otherwise) can provide the spell a certain boost and make it more powerful (DM's discretion). Requires Intelligence 16.

Familiar: Your character has acquired an animal familiar. Character gains an animal familiar - either through searching one out or having the animal find the character. Often, a character's animal will have special traits once it magically bonds to the character. Benefits are up to DM discretion. Requires Intelligence 16.

Magic Disciplines that Mages can take can be found on the Magic page. For purposes of the Mage-class, Magic Disciplines count as feats.