Maximilian "Max" Daken was formerly a Hoogle employee known as Nate Crises.

Nate Crises was a Highlander who had lost all of his limbs and his lower torso during some past event that he cannot

His memory only extended back 6 years to when he first woke up in his cybernetic body. Scientists and Doctors from the Human federation saved his physical body and designed his prosthetics.

After being given an identity due to his amnesia, Nate was allowed to leave government facilities to live a normal life. For five years he grew as a person and became comfortable with his cybernetic body.

At the end of those five years, Nate was selected to work on a special program by a private technology corporation. They updated his prosthetics, which could have their pain sensors shut off, to be able to integrate with a lightweight powered armor. They trained Nate to use the armor effectively as an extension of his own body. Because the armor connected to both his prosthetics and his spinal column Nate was able to feel through the armor. The armor was like a second skin to this rebuilt man.

Nate worked for the Federation who outfitted the armor with weapons and trained him for combat.

After he is nearly killed in a ship crash on Coruscant, Nate pretends to have died and assumes the identity Maximilian Daken. He chose the last name because he woke up naked and Daken is just Naked with the first and last letters transposed. The stress of the situation and the near death experience were traumatic enough to finally trigger his latent mutant gene. The highlander in him was preventing the Regenerative Ability from coming to the surface, that is until now. Fully healed he now resembles a normal male human. No longer needing a suit to be a hero, Nate sets off to investigate the mysterious Brethren of the Unseen Hand.