Weapons Merchant

Merchants are the keystone of the intergalactic economy. They represent traders - both legal and illegal. If someone needs something, a merchant will find a way to sell it to them.

Charisma is the key attribute for Merchants.


  • Warehouse: Merchants have access to their own private warehouse on the friendly planet of their choice. The warehouse is 100 meters (long) x 30 meters (wide) x 20 meters (high) and has doors wide enough to store vehicles or small ships. It is protected by a security code that only the merchant owner knows.
  • Starting Money: Merchants start with x2 normal starting money.

Class FeatsEdit

Master Appraiser: Your character is an expert at appraising things. Character gains +4 to appraise checks. This feat maybe taken multiple times.

Recognize Forgeries: Your character is skilled at recognizing forgeries. The character gains a +8 bonus when try to deduce if a document is a forgery. Requires Intelligence 15.

Trader's Tongue: Through the cosmopolitan opportunities offered you by your trade, you have developed a mastery of languages. Character gains three languages of their choice. Requires Charisma 16 and Character Level 2.

Free Trade: Your character has a reputation for not using slave labor or treating their employees poorly. This makes your character more welcome in locations where liberty is valued. When visiting free locations where liberty is a thing of meaning, your character and all other employees/allies who travel with them always receive the most favorable initial reactions from locals. You are always able to find lodgings and stabling, always receive enough food and water to cater to your needs and receive a +2 situational bonus to all Charisma-related checks for the duration of your stay. Requires Good-Alignment (DM's discretion), Charisma 15 and Character Level 2.

Contraband: You are an expert at running contraband, and know how best to conceal illicit goods as well as how to divert unwelcome eyes away from your misdemeanours. You gain a +4 competence bonus to all Disguise, Hide and Pick Pocket checks, when these skills are used to conceal contraband or your involvement with it. Requires Character Level 3.

Market Predator: Your character is so familiar with the economics of a particular planet that they are able to ply its markets to your wishes. Choose a planet. All deals that you strike in your chosen planet are cast in your character's favor by a percentage equal to your Wisdom modifier x 5. For example, if your character haas a Wisdom of 14 (+2 modifier), all sales that they make are 10% more profitable, all items that they buy are 10% cheaper etc. Requires Wisdom 14, Charisma 18 and Character Level 3.

Skilled Forgeries: Your character is skilled at making forgeries of just about anything. The character gains +8 when attempting to create forgeries. This increases to +12 if the character has access to the original. Requires 15 Intelligence, 15 Wisdom and Character Level 4.