Metas are formed through mutations in their DNA

Meta are regular races that have been born with a genetic abnormality that grants them some supernatural ability or physical characteristic.

These abilities can vary a great deal, some providing the ability to fly, while others can increase strength and coat the Meta in a steel-like armor.

Of course, with great power comes great responsibility.

What the Meta decides to do with the power is largely up to them - and those actions can make them a hero or a villain in the eyes of the people.

Since a Meta can appear in almost any race, they have affiliations with every faction - though some can be unknown to the faction that they are born in.


  • The Meta may chose a single supernatural ability to possess. While this can literally be open to anything, in the end it is at the discretion of the DM. This is to prevent dangerously overpowered abilities from making it into the game. To get around this, you can add severe flaws/allergies that could count as a serious disadvantage to your character. (Ex: Superman and his weakness around Kryptonite)
  • Base Race: The character may choose any biological race to be the base meta.