Meta Goblins and some of their mutations

Meta-Goblins originate from a planet deep in wild space called Lotten.

At some point after the planet was populated by a horde Seed Ship, a sentient fungus known as "The Green" infected a large portion of the population.

The Green grants infected goblins powers similar to meta humans but typically much more bizarre. In exchange for their gifts meta goblins are unknowingly loyal to the Green and will subconsciously obey it's commands.


  • -2 STR, -2 CHA, +1 CON
  • Darkvision (40')
  • Green Infestation/Unknowing Loyalty: +3 to attack rolls and AC when defending the Green or following one of it's direct orders.
  • Meta-Powers: Granted Meta powers similar to those of a meta - though usually much more bizarre. Also results in an especially strange appearance(even for a goblin).

Racial FeatsEdit

Democratic Leanings: Against all odds Goblins on Lotten developed a primitive democracy. Many met-goblins will feel the need to protect similar forms of government. Meta-Goblins receive a +2 bonus to diplomacy checks when dealing directly with a democratic government, and +1 to attack and skill rolls when acting to benefit a democracy.

Advanced Green Infection: Years of uncontrolled infection have resulted in a heavy Green infection. The meta-goblin's hit point regeneration rate is doubled, they are aware of the Green and can communicate with it directly.