Minbari Warriors

The Minbari are one of the older races in the galaxy. They resemble humans in appearance, except for a notable external headbone. The Minbari have a weaker sense of taste than most humans, and prefer to eat hot or spicy foods to compensate. They do not indulge in alcohol because it induces a homicidal rage, even in small amounts.

Minbari are tougher than humans by nature, and are able to sustain trauma, blood loss, and injury a lot better than humans are. The Minbari homeworld is Minbar, and is similar to Earth in geography, but the polar icecaps cover 23% of the world.

Minbari are divided into three different castes, religious, warrior, and worker. The children follow the caste of their mothers, but can switch castes if their heart calls them to another caste.

They are led by a group called The Grey Council, which consists of five worker caste, two religious caste, and two warrior caste members.

The Minbari were one of the founding races of the United Galactic Alliance and are credited as the creators of the Rangers which were largely utilized in the first war against the Black Horde.


  • Caste: Minbari chose a caste and gain the abilities associated with the caste at first level.
    • Warrior Caste: Character gains +1 STR, +1 DEX, -1 INT, Knowledge (Tactics) 2
    • Religious Caste: Character gains -1 STR, +2 WIS, +1 CHA, Knowledge (History) 2
    • Worker Caste: Character gains +1 CON, -1 INT, Knowledge (Physical Science) 2
  • -4 to saves vs Intoxication
  • -5 to Bluff checks except in an attempt to help another save face.

Racial FeatsEdit

Enduring Truth

Minbari are born with more resilience to physical hardship than most races, and are able to sustain life threatening wounds.

Prerequisite: Minbari

Benefit: Character gains +4 save vs Death and +2 to all fortitude rolls to ignore damage.

Wind Sword

You are a member of the Wind Swords clan. While you may not consciously hate Humanity, the loss of many clan members on board the Dark Star and the humiliating surrender at the Battle of the Line still burns brightly in your heart.

Prerequisite: Minbari, Character Creation

Benefit: When fighting a human (melee, ranged or starship), your character gains +1 to all offensive rolls.