Narn Male

Narn are one of the younger races of the galaxy, and they came into existence shortly after the humans. The Narn are a humanoid like race with jaguar spotted skin.

Having spent their earlier years in slavery by a more technologically advanced race, the Narn have developed into a proud and tough people. Shortly after winning their freedom, the Narn explored the galaxy, quickly becoming known throughout as a merchant race. Willing to sell anything to anyone for the right price, the Narn quickly made many friends and enemies in every circle in the galaxy.

They are one of the founding races of the New Space Conglomerate.


  • +2 CON, +2 STR, -2 INT, -2 WIS
  • 2/- Damage Reduction

Racial FeatsEdit

Mercantile Background: Having gained their freedom through secrecy and rebellion, the Narn have become good at discreet dealings. Character gains the ability to find almost any item on the black market. Narn also trade with shrewd efficiency providing a 15% discount on goods purchased and an additional 15% profit on goods sold. Requires Diplomacy 5 ranks.

Prideful Past: Having been crushed under the boots of a technologically superior race before, Narn are stubbornly resistant to lose their freedoms. Character gains +2 sense motive, and automatically succeeds will checks when the good of his people is in jeopardy.