Female Nebari

Nebari are humanoid, with grey skin and black hair (in males) or white hair (in females). An enzyme in their skin makes them immune to solar radiation. On their home planet, conformity is enforced by The Establishment.

Young Nebari are tested and placed into a position in society based on their abilities, and are expected to conform. Nebari failing to conform to these strict controls are "stabilized" or "mind-cleansed" to fit in. There are two types of mind-cleansing: The first is permanent (except in isolated cases), but takes years to complete. The second is temporary, chemical-induced, and can be quickly applied, but does not always work. The Nebari Establishment claims to be acting for the "greater good" of everyone involved.

Nebari are typically very loyal to the Establishment (for obvious reasons) or dislike it, and leave the Establishment's influence as quickly as possible. Young Nebari that escape their homeworld, typically become scouts or explorers.

The Nebari are a part of the United Galactic Alliance.


- +2 DEX, +1 CHA - Immune to Solar Radiation. Also gains +2 to saves vs other types of radiation - +2 to Will Saves vs Fear