NSC Symbol. Represents the infinite demands of the Universe and meeting them.

The New Space Conglomerate represents the richest faction in the known-Galaxy. They are a coalition of powerful merchants, working together under the same "company." It costs to join the New Space Conglomerate (or you are born into membership), but once one joins, the amount of benefits is extreme.


The NSC operates in much the same way as a business. There is a head leader, most casually referred to as The Manager, The Director or the Executive. Around the head, there is collection of upper-level executives. Unlike most factions, where you rise to the top through elections or general savagery, in the NSC, the most powerful members are there because they bought it. Purchasing shares in the NSC gives you more voting power within the faction. Money is very much power.

The current Director of the New Space Conglomerate is a Nebari named 'Kite Pelare.' He has been at the head of the NSC for seven years, and is easily considered the richest man in the Galaxy.


The New Space Conglomerate does not have much of a military. Most of their ships have some defensive capabilities, but are largely used to transport goods from one location or another. Obviously, this makes them easy targets for pirates. The NSC makes up for this lack of personal military power through the use of mercenaries or purchasing out-of-use UGA or HF ships and refitting them as merchant escort ships.