Orc Warrior

Orcs are a primitive race of savage, bestial, barbaric humanoids and they make the up the backbone of the Black Horde fodder-based military. Orcs are larger than humans - taller and bulkier, and typically have dark hair.

Their skin can range from gray to tan to a green color.

Like most of the fodder races within the Black Horde, orcs are known for overbreeding.

They can be fierce warriors but if the tides of battle seem to turn, they will run in order to save their own skins.


  • +3 STR, -1 INT, -4 CHA
  • Darkvision (60 Feet)

Racial FeatsEdit

Weirdboy: Some orcs are naturally gifted with a psychic ability. While in combat (or under similar stress), the character starts to build up psionic pressure. This must be released quickly or it will quite literally cause the head of the orc to explode (instant death, wave of psychic energy is released causing 1d8 damage per round the energy was allowed to build up). This blast attack deals 1d4 damage for every round that the psionic pressure is allowed to build up. Typically, the time it takes before a brain explosion is the character's level x 2 in rounds. Must be taken at character creation.

Relentless Pursuit: Some orcs are trained to operate on little natural sleep. Character only needs four hours of sleep to be fully effective for an entire day. Character gains +1 to all Constitution-based checks.

Just An Orc: Some orcs are not to be underestimated. Once per combat, you gain a +4 bonus to attack and damage against any single target. You may only use this power if your character has been injured in that combat.

Blood Rage: Your character can rage at the sight of blood. When your character sees blood (his own or on an enemy), he may go into a rage. During the rage, the character gains +3 STR, -2 AC and gains an additional attack per round.

Pretty Cute, for an Orc: For some reason, others find you good-looking. Character gains +2 to all Charisma-based checks. Requires charisma 13.

Orc Tactics: You are skilled in the subtlety of Orc tactics. Orcs under your command gain +2 to BaB and +1 to AC while using charging tactics. Requires character level 2.

Mob Rule: Your character is a great deal more effective if they have lots of back-up. When going into combat, your character gains a +1 BaB bonus for every ally fighting with them (to a maximum bonus equal to the character's level). Requires character level 4.