Human Pilot

Pilots are masters at controlling almost any type of vehicle.

There are three types of Pilot:


Helmsmen specialize in the piloting of starships.


Leaf on the Wind: Your character is able to maneuver starships in ways that seem impossible for vessels of that size. While piloting, ship gets an additional +700 feet/rd in close-space and is able to calculate long-distance space travel much more efficiently, cutting down travel time by up to 20% (DM's Discretion). During combat, the piloted ship gets +3 to Dodge AC and +2 to Attack Bonus.


Dogfighters specialize in the piloting of starfighters.


Shake, Rattle, And Roll: A pilot learns how rock an enemy starship with weapons fire. A starship damaged by the pilots attack is shaken for 1 round; all passengers and crewmembers (pilots and gunners included)

Zabrak Dogfighter

aboard the shaken ship take a -2 penalty on attack rolls, saving throws, and skill checks for 1 round.

Mecha PilotEdit

Mecha Pilots specialize in the piloting of mecha.


One In A Million Shot: Once per day, your character may attempt to make a shot at -2 BaB, which if it hits, is treated either as (1) an automatic critical hit or (2) a disabling hit on a targeted critical system.

Class FeatsEdit

To The Max! : A pilot can coax more thrust out of a ship's engines, increasing its tactical speed by +500 feet.

Monkey Shot: Four times a day, a pilot may make an extra attack during combat (either in his ship or out of it)

Ship Repair: A pilot is adept at making repairs to starships/fighters. +6 to skill checks involving repairs of those sorts.
Call-Sign : A pilot's call-sign strikes fear into the heart of the enemy. During combat, enemies take -2 to all rolls. Requires character level 2.

Droid Bonding: Pilots learn to depend on their droid (if they're lucky enough to have one). Anytime that the pilot is flying with an astromech droid, the pilot receives +2 to Dodge AC and Attack Bonus. In addition, the droid receives a +1 bonus to all rolls involve repairing or enhancing the ship. Requires character level 2.

Keep It Together: A pilot can continue to operate a ship even after it has been reduced to negative hit points and has begun breaking apart. The ship may take one move action or one attack action each round. However, the ship cannot be repaired and continues to lose 1 hit point per round, exploding once it reaches its destruction threshold. The pilot and all other personnel aboard the ship are considered shaken, taking a -2 penalty on attack rolls, saving throws, and skill checks. Requires character level 3.

I Have You Now: While in pursuit of an opponent, a pilot can lock-on to them. The opponent is given a Reflex save (DC: 12+Opposing Pilot's Level). If they fail, than they lose any added defensive benefits given by the pilot skill. Requires character level 3.