Protoss Warrior

The Protoss are humanoids, around three meters tall with two luminous eyes, typically gold or blue. They do not possess any visible ears, mouths or noses, but are able to communicate telepathically and possess strong nasal sensitivities.

While they are a physically strong species, they also have access to advanced natural psionic abilities, making them very potent opponents.

The Protoss typically play a neutral role in the galaxy, not siding with any particular faction officially. They have, however, chosen to fight for the UGA more than any other faction.


- Telepathy with Others (1km range). One way only. - +2 WIS, +1 CON - +2 saving bonus vs Psionic attacks - Start with Protoss Energy Blade (Slashing/Electric, 3d4 dmg)

Racial FeatsEdit

Psionic Gift: The Protoss' natural abilities assist your psionic growth. If the character takes on a Psion class, for purposes dealing with psionic power, they are treated as though they have 4+(their current level) additional wisdom points. This must be taken at character creation.

Advanced Telepathy: The character's natural psionic abilities have developed and enhanced the range of their telepathy. The range is now equal to their level in kilometers. Requires character level 3.