The Psion is a class that specializes in using their mind to an extent that to others may seem completely unimaginable. Through mental training, the character has gain the ability to utilize psionics to enhance

Psion manifesting an ability

themselves, defend themselves and eliminate threats.

The main score for the Psion is wisdom.


Psionic Detection: Psions are able to use their mental abilities to find other psionic beings in the area. While often faint, should another psion use an ability nearby (DM's discretion on range) than it is very easy to trace the source of the ability back to the psion that it originated from.

Mental Preparation: Having trained their minds for so long, Psions are not as threatened by attacks to the mind as other beings would be. Character gains +4 to all Will Saves.

Class FeatsEdit

PsiCrystal: The character is able to chip a piece of themselves off, and form it into a fist-sized crystal. This crystal takes on a personality trait of the creator (the creator can try to lean it to one trait or the other, but its ultimately up to the DM) and grants the user a few minor bonuses (DM's discretion). It is not rare for PsiCrystals to be able to float via their own psychic will and speak to their creator through telepathy.

Psychic Channeling: The character is able to channel their psychic abilities through crystals. Crystals help focus the psychic ability and can enhance it (DM's discretion).

Mental Bank: The character has five 'banked' ability points they may draw from when using their abilities. These act as any other ability point, but they do not suffer their limitations. When the 'bank' is gone, the psion must begin to use their ability points again. Requires Intelligence 15. This feat may be taken multiple times.

Awareness: The character gains an aura of awareness around themselves, gaining +1 AC vs melee and ranged combat attacks. This feat may be taken multiple names. Requires character level 2 and the Precognition psychic ability.

A list of Psychic Abilities that Psions can gain access to can be found in Psionics .