The Psychlos are a race of hairy, 9-foot tall humanoids. They are known for possessing both a cunning, business-minded intellect and a fondness for violence.

They are mostly associated with the New Space Conglomerate and definitely make up the primary muscle of the faction - though they are still not to be trifled with when it comes to any kind of negotiation.

Their primary weakness, comes from the atmosphere that they must breathe in order to survive - it becomes very unstable and may explode when directly exposed to radiation.

They hold the secret to teleportation across many star systems - a secret they won't even share with the other factions of the NSC (though they can use it...for a price).


  • +4 to Strength, +1 to Charisma
  • Leverage: Psychlos are very cunning negotiators. They gain +1 to all CHA-based checks when dealing with someone they have met with in the past.
  • Psychlo Atmosphere: Character begins with a shielded Psychlo Atmosphere Generator in their inventory. This is the size of a wallet, attached to the belt with a tube that runs up to the nose. It must be worn at all times. Direct exposure to radiation can cause the gas it generates to explode.

Racial FeatsEdit

Oxygen Bio-Enhancement: Your character has managed to acquire an oxygen bio-enhancement, allowing them to breath oxygen as well as the standard Psychlo atmosphere. Character no longer requires Psychlo atmosphere to survive. Can be taken as a standard feat or the character can pay 12000 credits.

Skilled At Leverage: Your character is much better at using dirt to manipulate people than others. If the character has any sort of blackmail on someone they are negotiating with, they gain an additional +4 to all CHA-based checks when dealing with that person. Requires charisma 15.

Secret to Psychlo Teleportation: Your character knows how to construct a Psychlo Teleportation Device. Your character, provided they have the proper resources, can construct a Psychlo Teleportation Device. Requires Science 15, Intelligence 18, Craft Mechanical 15 and character level 4.