Red Lion

Red Lion Warrior

Red Lions are different in the Galaxy in that they are not bipedal (they don't walk on two legs). They are a quadrupedal species with thick dark red and orange fur with a thin brown mane extending partway down his back. At the end of their tail, there is a flame which they can dim or flare up at will. As the name would suggest, they resemble lions but also share some characteristics with wolves.

They are a very intelligent race, and can learn to speak any language quite fluently. They were not always considered an intelligent race, however, and for centuries they were treated as slaves by a now-extinct race on the edge of the known Galaxy. This race used Red Lions as shock soldiers in their armies and occasionally as labor.

Since their independence, Red Lions have become very wary of bi-pedal races and when in situations where they have to deal with them, they quickly assert themselves as dominant within the group. Still, when they befriend a bi-pedal (or any other race for that matter) they can be incredibly loyal friends.

Because most of the Galaxy is dominated by bipedal-races, Red Lions are at a great disadvantage when it comes to using technology unless it is greatly modified. There are instances of Red Lions piloting ships using voice commands or using Neural Computer Links. Despite their disadvantage at using a lot of non-modified technology, they are a very fast species that can deliver devastating bites.

Red Lions are associated with the United Galactic Alliance.


  • +2 Dexterity, +1 Strength
  • Red Lions' base speed is 90 ft/rd
  • Natural Weapons: Bite (2d8 damage), Claw (2d4 damage)

Racial FeatsEdit

Bonding: Your character is able to bond with a single individual - giving you bonuses while near them. Choose someone your character has befriended. Your character gains +1 BaB and +1 to Will Saves while with that person. If that person is in danger (and your character is trying to protect/save them), your character gains an additional +3 BaB, +1 to all saving throws and deals an additional +1d6 damage on all natural attacks. Requires Charisma 14.

Roar: Your character can let out a terrifying roar. Once per day per level, your character can let out a monstrous roar. Those that hear it must make a Will Save (DC 19+character level) or be afraid (-2 to all rolls, -4 to attack rolls against your character) for 1d4+1 rounds. Requires Intimidate 4.