Shadow surrounding a human

One of the last Ancient races that stayed in the Milkey Way, the Shadows are an insect-like race with a violet/black exterior. The resemble a praying mantis, with fourteen eyes.

The Shadows have a natural cloaking ability, though it is sensitive to telepaths, the Shadows remain unseen most of the time. Their homeworld is on Z'ha'dum.

The shadows possess some of the most deadly biological and destructive weapons in the known galaxy, and rival the Vorlons on a technological scale. The Shadow ships are run by a host that is ingrained into the ship and permanently becomes the ships CPU.

There is a deep hatred between the Shadows and the Vorlons.

Before the first Fall of the Black Horde, the Shadows were largely the ones behind the scenes, operating as leaders to the normally disorganized "lesser" Horde races.

After the Falling, Shadows became reclusive and retreated largely to their homeworld. Recently, with the Dark Elves picking up where they left off, they are emerging from the shadows to regain some of their lost power.


  • -2 CHA
  • Natural Cloak: If in a dark area, Shadows can become invisible at will. If there is light, than the Shadow must sacrifice 1 temporary constitution point to become invisible.
  • +5 To Spot & Search Checks

Racial FeatsEdit

Intimidating Past: The lore and history surrounding the Shadows allows them to unnaturally influence other races to do thier bidding.The character gains +1/lvl to all influence-related checks (Diplomacy, Bluff, Intimidation)

Total Fleet Control: Shadow's don't travel in their own vessels. Instead their ships are piloted remotely from the Z'ha'dum Eye. Character is able to control 1/lvl small shadow ship. Medium ships count as two small ships, Large ships count as two medium.