Shifter Animation

Shapeshifters, or Shifters, are normal beings that were born with the supernatural ability to transform into animals. Shapeshifters are incredibly rare in the Universe and it is not known if every race has this specific anamoly.

Humans are the most common race to also be Shapeshifters.

Shapeshifters have two kinds of transformations.

  • Imprinted Animal: This is an animal form that the shapeshifter has done enough time to not need any visual assistance to complete the shift.
  • Animal Templae: This is an animal form that the shapeshifter may not be familiar with and requires the Shifter to see the animal in real life before making the change.

Shapeshifters can not turn into sentient beings, supernatural creatures and creatures created from genetic experimentation. They must be natural animals.

When change forms, any equipment or armor on the individual is left on the ground. The only things that will remain are things that are skin tight when the transformation begins.

Shapeshifters are typically affiliated with whatever their primary race is.


  • Template: The Shapeshifter is a template, and is added on top of another race.
  • Imprinted Animal: The Shapeshifter starts with a imprinted animal that they may switch into at will. The Imprinted Animal can be changed, but Shifter must first allow themselves to forget the animal and than practice turning into a new potential Imprinted Animal at least three times.
  • Animal Sense: Even in their normal form, the Shifter retains some of their Imprinted Animal senses. This is largely up to DM's discretion exactly which senses remain and how poweful they are. The senses always have to do with the Shifter's Imprinted Animal form (IE: A dog form would allow for a better sense of smell)

Racial FeatsEdit

Additional Animal Imprint: The character gains one additional Imprinted Animal form. This feat may only be taken two times.