Skye 3

Skye Zang

Skye Zang is a powerful Human mage from southeast China on Earth. The full extent of her abilities is really not known to anyone besides her family, but she does favor the air and water elements.

Zang's family's village was displaced when the Human Federation constructed a land-based military starship yard barely twenty miles away. The plant brought jobs and opportunity, but also brought crime and a great deal of pollution. Earth's many terraforming plants were only able to work so fast, which allowed the pollution to make many people in Zang's village severely sick, and destroyed much of the farmland and fishing land they had held for centuries.

Several of her friends and family died, and that put her over the edge.

Angry at the Human Federation, Skye Zang attacked the plant, doing severe damage a handful of half-developed ships and to the yard itself. She disappeared. A week or so later, she attacked a Human Federation government building in Shanghai, demolishing most of it. Corey Reid, another mage, captured her shortly after the last act of terrorism.

The courts had some sympathy for her plight, and gave her a ten year sentence in the Reticuli Maximum Security prison - a slap on the wrist for a terrorist. She attempted escape from the prison three times. After being recaptured the third time, she had her hands bound and voice muffled to prevent her from using her abilities.

She spent two years in silence before Captain Rick Nutron broke her out of the prison, and brought her into his fleet.