Deep Gnome

Deep Gnome Female

Or more commonly referred to as Deep Gnomes, live most of their lives in underground cities similar to what the Dark

Elves once lived in. They were largely an unknown race and because of this relative isolation, it was easy for a group of Dark Elves to manipulate and utilize their skills in the first war against the United Factions and the Black Horde.

During the war, the Svirfneblin switched sides to the United Factions, a blow that struck hard against the already failing Black Horde. Svirfneblin are very attuned to the workings of the Underground and make very good construction engineers.

They are now officially recognized as part of the United Galactic Alliance.


  • +2 STR, +2 CON, -3 CHA
  • Tremorsense: When on solid ground, they can detect movement through vibrations in the earth
  • Darkvision (120 feet)

Racial FeatsEdit