Tamaranian in flight

Tamaranians are a humanoid people with orange skin and typically black or red hair (though other bright colors are not unknown). They are stronger than the average race in the known universe.

Tamaranians are known to be a passionate people primarily driven by emotion rather than reason. It has been said that their capacity to hate is exceeded only by their capacity to love, so while they are famous for their skills in war, given a choice, it is peace that they embrace.

The planetary government was essentially feudal, with each large landmass being ruled by a noble house. Tamaranians are also noted for their ability to convert solar power for the purpose of flight.

In the distant past, Tamaranians were been experimented on by a cruel, unknown race and as a result - over the generations, they have gained the ability to fire starbolts or channel solar energy in ways other than flight.

Tamaranians are associated with the United Galatic Alliance.


  • +3 DEX, +3 STR
  • SN Strength 1
  • Flight (Average Maneuverability, costs 1 DEX per 2 minutes of flight)
  • Starbolts (1d8 damage, 1 CON per shot)
  • Can survive in space for up to 60 minutes.

Racial FeatsEdit

Enhanced Starbolts: Through training, Tamaranians are able to increase the effectiveness of their starbolts. The character's starbolts increase in damage to 3d4. Character may choose to use Constitution, Wisdom or Dexterity points to fire starbolts.

Enhanced Strength: Your character is physically stronger than most Tamaranians. SN Strength bonuses increases by +1. This feat may be taken a maximum of two times.