One of the few Vulcans that are a part of the Human Federation

Vulcans are humanoid, very similar in appearance to humans. The main physical differences are arched, upswept eyebrows, and the top of their ears' pinnae, which taper into a point. Vulcans are, on average, stronger and longer-living than humans. Other features described include an inner eyelid, or nictitating membrane, which protects their vision from bright lights, an adaptation for their bright and hot homeworld.

Many Vulcans are "contact telepaths", and have been observed taking part in a number of telepathy-related actions and rituals. Vulcans, as a matter of custom and policy, suppress all emotional influence by living lives of rigid emotional self-control through meditative techniques and training of mental discipline.

Vulcans although they themselves make claims to the opposite, Vulcans are a very emotional people. They developed techniques to suppress their emotions precisely because of the damage they can cause if unchecked.

The Vulcans were the first race to come in contact with the Human Federation and have been close allies of the Humans ever since.

While they are mainly associated with the United Galatic Alliance, a few Vulcans act within the Human Federation.


  • +1 STR, +1 INT, +1 WIS
  • +1 to saves against blinding effects
  • +2 to saves against emotion-affecting effects.
  • Starts with 'Nerve Pinch' Feat

Racial FeatsEdit

Mind Meld: Through training, Vulcan are able to look into another's mind through physical contact. Through physical contact with a target's skull, the Vulcan may glimpse into their mind - forcibly is need-be. On a successful mind meld (Will DC 21 for those unwilling), the character can see surface thoughts (DM's discretion on what exactly is revealed) and occasionally a little deeper. The mind meld is physically draining on both participants - taking 4 temporary CON points per 6 seconds that the meld is effect. Requires character level 3.

V'tosh Ka'tur: The term "V'tosh ka'tur" refers to "Vulcans without logic." These Vulcans do not necessarily abandon their logic but simply learn to exist without the need to continually suppress their emotions. They still believe that logic is an essential part of Vulcan existence, but that it has to complement emotions, not exclude them. Character loses -1 WIS but gains +2 CHA. Requires character creation or character level 3.

Tal-Shaya: This technique is similar to the Nerve Pinch, but kills its victims rather than rending them unconscious. This is considered a humane method of execution. While in position to perform a Nerve Pinch, the character may attempt this technique and painlessly kill a target (Fortitude DC 25 to resist). Requires character level 8.