Warforged Warrior

The warforged are a race of living, sentient constructs. Originally constructed as war-machines in a long forgotten war, the many that remained lost purpose and soon began to develop their own distinct personalities and make new roles in life. Because of the ancient time of the war, and the transition from loyal mindlessness to sentience, most of the memories of the ancient war have been forgotten.

Most warforged are created from tough metal, but it is not uncommon to see them made of other hard material. They do not have their own planet, they do demonstrate the free-will one would expect from any other sentient race.

Most of the warforged associate themselves with the United Galactic Alliance. It is not terribly uncommon to see one on the side of the Black Horde.


  • +4 STR, -2 WIS, -2 CHA
  • +3 AC
  • Can not heal naturally. Can be healed with some magic, nanos or repair checks.
  • Do not fall unconscious at 0 HP. Becomes 'inert' at -10 HP.
  • Warforged may not use Force Abilites, Magic Abilities or Psionic abilities.
  • Warforged are not affected by mind-affecting abilities.

Racial FeatsEdit

Personality Machine: Character has become well-verse in socializing with biological beings and no longer suffers a -2 CHA penalty.

Spiked: Character has spikes implanted on a limb that allows for extra damage for unarmed attacks. When taken, the player chooses an arm or leg. Arms gain +1d6 damage for unarmed attacks and legs gain +2d4 damage. BaB increases by +1 when using unarmed attacks. This feat may be taken up to four times, a new limb being affected each time.

Psi-Forged: Character is of mysterious origin and able to use psionic abilities. Character make take up a psionic class. Is now affected by mind-affecting abilities, but with a +1 resistance. Must be taken at character creation.