Xindi Insectoid

The Xindi race is actually made up of a handful of species that all developed independently on their homeplanet of Xindus. Despite a dozen or so conflicts and civil wars in their history as a developing race, as they reached the ability to travel through space, the need for these conflicts among themselves has decreased - mostly because unhappy Xindi were able to simply leave.

The Insectoids, like all Xindi species, have distinctive ridges on their cheeks. They are, as their name suggests, insect-like in appearance. They are genderless and reproduce asexually. The Insectoid language is a clicking dialogue that is the most unusual and complex of all Xindi.

Insectoids have been seen in every faction.


  • +1 to Attack Rolls
  • +2 to Spot and Search Checks
  • +1 to DEX

Racial FeatsEdit