Xindi Primate

The Xindi race is actually made up of a handful of species that all developed independently on their homeplanet of Xindus. Despite a dozen or so conflicts and civil wars in their history as a developing race, as they reached the ability to travel through space, the need for these conflicts among themselves has decreased - mostly because unhappy Xindi were able to simply leave.

The Primates, more than any other Xindi species, resemble Humans. They have, like all Xindi, distinctive ridges on their cheek bones. They also have larger foreheads. Like Humans, the Primates have distinct white and black racial differences. They have no eyebrows. They are also the most intellectual species of Xindi.

Xindi Primate are associated with the United Galactic Alliance.


  • +1 CHA, +1 INT
  • +2 to Repair Checks

Racial FeatsEdit