The Xindi race is actually made up of a handful of species that all developed independently on their homeplanet of Xindus. Despite a dozen or so conflicts and civil wars in their history as a developing race, as they reached the ability to travel through space, the need for these conflicts among themselves has decreased - mostly because unhappy Xindi were able to simply leave.

Xindi Reptilians are a humanoid race and the most aggressive of all the Xindi species. They have yellow to brown-colored scales with multiple spikes coming out of their heads. They have yellow eyes with slitted vertical pupils, and are cold blooded. Like other Xindi, however, they have characteristic ridges on their cheek bones.

A common Reptilian saying is "Patience is for the dead." It is said that "Dealing with Reptilians is like bargaining with the sun. You make no progress, and you come away burned."

Nevertheless the Reptilians were the first choice for when force was needed.

They are a recognized part of the Black Horde.


  • +2 Attack Bonus
  • +1 STR, -1 CHA

Racial FeatsEdit