Yautja Hunter

Yautja, also commonly referred to as "Predators", are an ancient race of intergalactic hunters. They are largely a nomadic race, traveling from planet to planet to hunt new and challenging prey.

They are not associated with any faction and fought on both sides in the war that brought the upon the first fall of the Black Horde.

Their technology is advanced, but also retains an air of primitiveness about it - something done to make hunts more honorable, especially against less technically advanced prey.

The Yautja are responsible for a lot of the spread of xenomorphs on other planets - using them as prey they refer to as "Hard Meat."


  • +2 STR, +2 DEX, -2 CHA
  • A Yautja character can start out with (3) of the faction specific weapons listed for Yautja (here). A Yautja may also chose between a medicomp or a sift suit as starting equipment.

Racial FeatsEdit