Yuuzhan Vong

Yuuzhan Vong

The Yuuzhan Vong resemble Humans in form, though they are taller and heavier than the average Human and have less hair on their heads. The Yuuzhan Vong are religious zealots who view mechanical technology as blasphemy.

Their technological innovations are genetically engineered and purely organic. Additionally, the Yuuzhan Vong deeply respect pain to the point of masochism, and strive to improve their physical capabilities through organ grafting. Such grafting is a status symbol within Yuuzhan Vong society.

Perhaps most notably, the Yuuzhan Vong were unable to be sensed through the Force and their resistance to many Force attacks (Force Lightning is the only attack that works on them).

While relatively new to the known Galaxy, Yuuzhan Vong were quick to become a part of the Black Horde - some go on to work as hired Jedi killers.


  • Damage Reduction 3/-
  • +2 Constitution
  • Can not be sensed through the Force
  • Immune to Force Abilities (Force Lightning is an exception)
  • Starts with Amphistaff: 2d8 dmg - slashing or blunt, ability to shoot venom 20 feet 2/day (Fortitue save DC 18 or blinded), can hold up against lightsabers in combat. Can 'unharden' and become snake-like creature loyal to user (bite 1d6).

Racial FeatsEdit